I'm so glad you're here and taking steps to a healthier you! cheers, Brooke

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My goal is for you to not only to get out of pain, but also to teach you how to stay that way. I want you to have authority over your body and wellness, to be able to understand what it needs and what it is asking for.  Gone are the days of  being totally reliant of practitioners or be at the whims of the day.

I have created a path for you to follow to get the most out of our sessions together and start feeling amazing as soon as possible.


the only way to make progress is to 




In this 15 minute phone consultation we can chat about your pain, injuries, concerns and any questions you might have. Filling out the New Student Questionnaire before our chat will ensure we come up with the best plan for you.

This 85 minute session will be our first session together! While getting to know each other, I'll ask about your lifestyle, pain, and anything else that brought us together. We will do an in depth analysis including basic movement, manual muscle testing and release work. I will assess where we are starting physically and this will paint a clear picture of where we should begin. From there, we can discuss my recommendations, homework, answer any questions, and be able to plan a recurring session time. To ensure we have the most effective session, please make sure you have filled out the new student questionnaire prior to this appointment.

After we have completed your comprehensive evaluation and introductory session, you can book regular sessions. These sessions are 55 min. We will be review your homework, talk about how you have been feeling, any changes you have felt,  and anything that has come up.  

Package Options

Commitment is the key to success 

In-Home Yoga Pricing

save $15/ session

20 Session Pack - $1,600

save $10/ session

8 Session Pack - $680

save $5/ session

4 Session Pack - $360 

Single Session - $95

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I'm so glad you're here, and taking steps to a healthier you.


Hey there!